Change it all around

Now your game is working. It’s time to play around with it to see how to make it more interesting, or more challenging, or just more quirky. Here are some ideas, but you should really think up your own: it’s your game; make it different from everyone else’s.

Have several layers of bricks

The game only has one wall of bricks at the moment. Try adding some more walls.

Look here for a possible approach

Give each side wall a bat

This is easy to do and makes the game quite a bit more tricky. The idea is to make it so the ball doesn’t bounce off the side walls: you have to deflect it with a bat. So you need a vertical bat on each side wall which is also controlled by the mouse.

Look here for a possible approach

Have more than one ball

You could have two balls, perhaps one running faster, the other slower. Or one bigger, one smaller. These both have to be deflected in the usual way. Perhaps one ball can only knock out certain bricks.

Look here for a possible approach

Have two bats along the bottom

Even if just one player you could have two bats, one which only moves when the left mouse button is pressed, the other when the right button is pressed.

Look here for a possible approach

Have different kinds of bricks

You could give the bricks different properties: one might only be knocked out after three hits. Perhaps one hit weakens it and it changes to a weaker 2-hit brick.

Look here for a possible approach

Switch around the direction of play

Have the wall of bricks along the left edge of the screen and the bat along the right. Or a wall in the middle of the screen with bats along each edge.

Look here for a possible approach