Wall Ball

I’m Tim Golden. I’m @tjguk on Twitter and tjguk on Github and by email I’m mail@timgolden.me.uk.

These worksheets are available on http://wall-ball.readthedocs.io and are developed on Github at https://github.com/westpark/wallball

We’re going to build a simple computer game which I’ve called “Wall Ball”. The code is broken out into simple steps, each of which adds something to the program until the entire game is possible. At each step you can change things around and when the game is complete you can make other changes to make the game harder or more interesting.

The aim isn’t for you to end up with a computer game! If that’s all you want, you can go home and find a thousand games better than this one. The aim is for you to make a simple game which you can then make your own. No-one else’s game will have the particular ideas which yours has. Make it yours.